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Akim Ziadi Akim.Ziadi at
Thu Feb 22 09:38:12 GMT 2001


I want to use samba on my network, i try to install it alpha server 2100 A
running TRU4 unix, but i have error message when i compile it.
when i run ./configure to configure samba for the OS no problem.
but when i run make to create my binary, i have this message:

smbd/statcache.c:196: macro `stat' used with too many (3) args
printing/printfsp.c:72: macro `fstat' used with too many (3) args
smbd/vfs.c:286: macro `stat' used with too many (3) args
smbd/vfs.c:314: macro `stat' used with too many (3) args
smbd/vfs.c:346: macro `stat' used with too many (3) args
smbd/vfs.c:700: macro `stat' used with too many (3) args
smbd/vfs.c:720: macro `stat' used with too many (3) args

and other library olso like open.c .........
how i can resolve the problem 

Thanks a lot,

Akim Ziadi
System Engineer

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