Timestamps on files

Urban Widmark urban at teststation.com
Wed Feb 21 20:55:32 GMT 2001

On Wed, 21 Feb 2001, John J. Maher wrote:

> We have a situation where users on a Windows box map to a Linux machine 
> (6.2,2.2.16-3).  When they OPEN the file for read purposes only and exit 
> out, the time stamp on the file is change to the present time.  In looking 
> at the docs, it appears that setting the "dos filetime=yes" in smb.conf 
> should take care of this.  Is this a true statement? or is there a lot that 

'dos filetimes' is just about who has permission to change the times.

Opening and closing a file (readonly) is one way of changing the time in
smb. If the time should always be set to current time I don't know, but 
it is possible that the client send current time with the close request.

Is this different from the behaviour if you test from one windows box to
another? If it is it may be a samba bug.


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