High memory usage.

Bård Tesaker bt at chembio.ntnu.no
Wed Feb 21 15:24:02 GMT 2001


I've a Tru64 (formely OSF1/Digital Unix) v5.1 server running approx 500
smbd processes of 15 MB (!) vm each. With 1 GB memory this results in som
paging, but still aceptable under normal operation with spread load and
lots of inactive processes etc. But whenever any of the conf-files are
touch'ed it seem like all active processes wil try to pull its
"config-parsing" code out of swap, clogging the swap IO system. My
questions ar:

- Why does 2.0.7 use ~ 15MB vm when 2.0.6 use ~ 6MB. (150% increase)

- Is there anything (compile options etc.) that can reduse mem-usage.

- I guess I can avoid the massive reloading of touched conf-files by
  modifying lp_file_list_changed() to allways return False. What kind of
  side-effects would that have? (Params never loaded etc.) Is ther a
  easyer/simpler way to achiev the same?

check if a config file has changed date
BOOL lp_file_list_changed(void)
    if (f->modtime != mod_time) {
            DEBUGADD(6,("file %s modified: %s\n", n2, ctime(&mod_time)));
            f->modtime = mod_time;
 * *** Never reload the conf-file.
 *          return(True);



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