problem with long user login names.

Mike Kennedy mikek at
Tue Feb 20 10:30:50 GMT 2001

Since UNIX usernames are supposed to be 8 characters long they
are probably getting truncated along the way so that a home
directory for "Administrator" would be created "Administ."=20

You probably need to set up a user name map file to map long=20
usernames to shorter UNIX usernames.

Mike Kennedy
Systems Group, C&C
mikek at

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, [iso-8859-1] J=FCrgen Frank wrote:

> Hi !
> My probling is the following.  I have an NT-Network with a PDC and a
> SAMBA-Box. If a new user enter the system it's work greate and my=20
> script to add this user on the samba box works normally fine too.
> (in smb.conf "add user script =3D ...")
> All that system works correctly, if I use user-logins like ckoepp,
> jfrank ...but if I use large user logins like Administrator or
> elisabethfrank this users can't access their home-directories. The user
> mapping isn't very helpfull because in this case the home directory name
> isn't equal with user login.
> So if I map Administrator to root the home-directory called root and not
> Administartor (that ok but don't help me, really ).
> Any tips ?

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