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Steve Tabler stevetabler at
Sun Feb 18 21:58:32 GMT 2001

I have a small working LAN of MS-Windows  I just installed Mandrake 7.2 (included Samba) on a system.  I haven't been able to get networking to work for the Linux box, except for internet access.  I have read a lot of emails, man pages, books, help files, etc. and tried several things.

Initial network setup:  10bT hub connecting computers together:
                                 1.  Windows 2000 Professional Workstation
                                 2.  Windows 98 desktop
                                 3.  Occasionally connected to Windows 98 laptop
                                 4.  Windows 95(Plus) desktop acting as print server for 2 of the printers
                                 5.  Cisco 675 which connects the LAN to the internet (DSL)

TCP/IP installed on all except the print server.
NETBeui installed on all.
The LAN uses private network of 10.x.x.x, a constraint imposed by the Cisco 675.
At this point, none of the available files, directories, or printer, on the Windows 2K box are accessible from other systems, although they "should" be.  This is a minor problem.

The main problem is the addition of a system running Linux. It is connected to the LAN hub.  It is running Mandrake 7.2.  I would like to have access to files and services on the Linux box from the Windows boxes, and vice versa.  Eventual access to the network printers is also desirable.  This system was setup as a dual-boot system.  The other OS is Win98, which runs fine, can browse the internet over the LAN, access shared resorces on all but the Win2K computer expected.  So, I don't think I have a hardware problem.


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