Samba and WINS

Scott Newton scott at
Sun Feb 18 19:13:35 GMT 2001


I have the following situation.

Win98 Road Warrior dialing in through ISP -- IPSec VPN tunnel --
firewall -- server running samba
               (therefore dynamic
(version 2.0.6 on SCO)

smb.conf includes
        wins support = yes
        browse list = yes
        max wins ttl = 518400
        min wins ttl = 300
        name resolve order = wins host bcast lmhost

The first time the road warrior connects the correct IP address is
with the name in wins.dat.
# cat wins.dat
VERSION 1 148347
"RDWR1#20" 982885579 x.x.102.167  4R

I can then happily do a smbclient -L \\RDWR1

I then disconnect from the IPSec tunnel and the ISP. The second time I
connect I end up with four entries
# cat wins.dat
VERSION 1 148347
"__MSBROWSE__#01" 982885787 84R
"RDWR1#00" 982885795 x.x.103.25  4R
"RDWR1#03" 982885794 x.x.103.25  4R
"RDWR1#20" 982885579 x.x.102.167  4R

If I do a smbclient -L \\RDWR1 it picks up the x.x.102.167 entry which
in no
longer valid. If I connect for a third time, wins.dat doesn't change at

Can anyone explain to me what is happening here and how to get around
this problem? I have had a look in the archives but have been unable to
find any solutions for this sort of problem.

Scott Newton

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