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Anthony aslan at
Fri Feb 16 20:10:07 GMT 2001

Hi everyone,
	I've just joined this and 2 other Samba mailing lists, so I apologise if 
my questions have already been covered recently. I tried sending this 
E-Mail to samba-bugs, but it bounced back! So here's the original E-Mail:

	I've recently had to reconfigure my Samba server to enable logon scripts 
from Windows 9x machines. I'm running Samba 2.0.7 on RedHat Linux 6.2. As 
I'm sure you're all aware, I had to change the Windows machines to 
"user-level" security, and I previously had them in "share-level" security. 
When I go to share a drive now, I need to select which users are allowed 
access to the shares. The problem I'm experiencing is that the Windows 
machine cannot find the list of users, and when I try searching for users 
in the System Policy Editor I get the error message "An error occurred 
trying to access the Address Book Provider". I've read all the man pages 
and text files I can find on my system and I can't find the solution. Is 
there a solution to my problem or is it something Samba doesn't yet 
support? There are no NT servers involved - just Windows 95 workstations 
and the Samba server.

	There it is. I'm a relatively new Linux user, so go easy :)

Anthony (aslan at

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