Samba newbie problems

Simon Gendreau Simon.Gendreau at
Wed Feb 14 14:34:17 GMT 2001


I have recently installed samba on a RH7.0 box. This box has win98 +
linux rh7 installed and both os's are running well. The F drive on
windows is FAT32 and is mounted r/w on linux RH7. Works fine.

I also have a Win98se machine that needs to have full read/write access
to some partitions on the RH7 box. Samba was found ideal for such setup.

The problem I have is that I can't write to the linux/samba shared F
partition/drive from the Win98se machine. The linux box is well mounted
because I am locally able to write to the vfat F partition. I ensured
that the following setings were ok:
- shared RH7  F: drive is mounted in vfat read/write;
- Samba is configured to make this F: drive readable/writable.

I do not know what else has to be configured in order enable the Win 98
to write onto the F drive located on the samba/rh7 machine ....

Please help.

I also have problems accessing the printer on the Win98 box using the
remote linux RH7 box. I will expand on this when the other problem will
be solved.

Thanks !

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