Samba newbie problems

Urban Widmark urban at
Wed Feb 14 22:17:30 GMT 2001

On Wed, 14 Feb 2001, Simon Gendreau wrote:

> I do not know what else has to be configured in order enable the Win 98
> to write onto the F drive located on the samba/rh7 machine ....

Have you read the docs on how to setup/debug your setup? Particularly this
(path assumes you are using the samba version included in RH7)

Other things to try is looking for error messages.
1. What errors do you get on the win98? Try searching the list archives 
   for others who have reported similar errors.
2. What errors do you get from samba? (/var/log/samba has a few logfiles)
   Again, unless their meaning is obvious to you, try searching the list 
   archives for ideas.


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