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Sun Feb 11 22:01:21 GMT 2001

mjo wrote:
> Okay, I've read and followed O'Reilly, I've read the Samba web page, I've tried
> Swat, I've tried numerous smb.conf settings and examples.   I didn't want to
> post but I'm going insane!
> I have a linux server running Samba.   I need to have numerous Win98 boxes be
> able to access directories on it.  Honestly, it doesn't matter if people have
> passwors or not (yes, I know.  I would prefer them, my boss doesn't mind either
> way...)  Passwords or not, it'd help if people were plopped into respective home
> directories.

I always make samba a domain logon server, and use a logon script to map
each users home directory to a local drive.  (domain logons = yes, set
Win98 to log into an NT domain). This requires user level

> I CAN get pcguest to work but thats it.
> I enable password encryption since it's Win98.  The users exist on the linux
> box and have passwords.  I use smbpasswd -a <user> to add them to the smbpasswd
> file- with the same password as their linux usernames and the same as their
> windows logon name and password.

Good so far..

> Network neighborhood can see the server just fine.  However, when it prompts
> for a password, it ALWAYS says incorrect password no matter what.  I've tried
> disabling encryption, setting null passwords=yes and using an account without a
> password...  It always says incorrect password.  What am I missing!?!?

Win98 can only handle one username at a time, the one you logged into
windows with.  That is why I always use domain logons, as I've never got
share level security (the other way to do it) to work.

> If anyone has a working sample smb.conf that accomplishes roughly the same
> thing or any tips or advice, I'd REALLY appreciate it!  I've read and tried all
> I can think of and I'm totally stumped.
> Thanks!
> -Martha Jo
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