HOWTO add static entries to WINS?

Avantel Systems alex at
Sun Feb 11 14:33:13 GMT 2001

I believe the samba server will use an lmhosts file if it exists. =20
Use "man lmhosts" for the correct format. =20

However, my understanding is that samba will use lmhosts only for it's ow=
lookups and will not use lmhosts for resolving requests from other hosts.=
that's the problem you are trying to fix then this solution will not work=
you.  For that you would need to use DNS with samba acting as a DNS proxy
(which samba does by default unless you turn if off with "dns proxy =3D n=

Alex Vandenham
Avantel Systems, Ottawa

On Fri, 09 Feb 2001, you wrote:
> Hello,
> I've read the Netbios.txt documentation and it says:
> "The WINS server _can_ have static NetBIOS entries added to its
> database (usually for security reasons you might want to consider=20
> putting your domain controllers or other important servers as static=20
> entries,but you should not rely on this as your sole means of=20
> security),but for the most part, NetBIOS names are registered dynamical=
> How can you add static Netbios entries (f.e. for a logon server) to
> a Samba based WINS server?
> Any information would be appreciated,
> Werner Maes
> LUDIT-KULeuven

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