Please help me!

Andrew Bartlett abartlet at
Sun Feb 11 11:31:25 GMT 2001

"A.J. Leitell" wrote:
> Ok I have Solaris 7 on a pentium 133 mhz machine.
--snip install instructions--
> This will allow you to access swat in your web browser by pointing to
> http://localhost:901
> one note:  you may have to execute an xhost localhost command to use your
> web browser as root.

Why would you want to do that?  Running netscape (or anything as large
as a graphical web browser) as root is just asking for trouble.  SWAT
does not require you to run your web-browser as root, just to have the
root username and password.  It can also be administered from a remote
computer, depending on your security settings (hosts.allow and freinds).

> then I used SWAT (it comes with the samba source).  to setup my shares.
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> > Please show me How to install Samba on Solais!
> > Thanh you very much!
> > ThietKN.

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