WIN2k speed issue on copying data "back"

Fri Feb 9 09:56:21 GMT 2001


Do you have a multi subnet network ? The reason I ask is that I'm fresh from having solved a weird asymetric routing problem on our network.  A client goes "in" on one interface and responses came back on another slower one.

Judicious use of traceroute or tracert will show this.

Another thing to look at is ftp performance.  Can you "put" a file as fast as you can "get" one ?  This will demonstrate whether you have a Samba problem or something more generically wrong.

Asymetric performance problems need to be looked at from both ends of the connection.  If you smbmount the c$ share (for example) from an NT client does that work faster in one direction than the other ?

Jon Gerdes

>>> "Seth" <seth at> 02/08/01 06:36pm >>>
Has anybody found anything regarding a work around or a patch? It is so slow, the company wants to put win2k server in its place The data froma  win client copys to the server at lightning speed, it just copys back at one tenth the speed! a 35 meg file takes close to an hour after it copied there in about 20 secs. I also noticed this does not happen at my othernetwork that has a win2k PDC.
Any help is greatly appreciated.


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