.AppleDouble causes problems for SAMBA

Mike O'Neill mikeo at redhillstudios.com
Thu Feb 8 22:52:38 GMT 2001

The mac counterpart to SAMBA is NETATALK, which drops .AppleDouble
directories everywhere.  It seems that these .AppleDouble directories are
preventing samba from being able to delete other folders.  The error is
"access denied".  If the .AppleDouble directories are themselves deleted
first then deleting other folders works as advertised.  This problem doesn't
seem to be related to the fact that its a hidden directory.  Other hidden
directories don't cause the same problem.

Has anybody experienced this?  Please contact me if you have a similar setup
and even if you are not having the same cross-platform issue.  I'd like to
know that it at least works for someone.

Samba 2.0.7 on Redhat 7
Netatalk 1.5pre3

-mike oneill

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