still having some troubles wiht two machines.

Larry Clark xwindowuser at
Thu Feb 8 22:15:17 GMT 2001

some of you may remember my posts a week to two weeks ago. I have a
workgroup and each morning after the following night of no activity,
noone can log in in the morning? well I have fixed the problem for the
most part, except for two machines. first things I did were to have
security set to user and no passwd server listing is disabled. then I
gave everyone in the workgroupa static IP address, which I wish DHCP
would work but for somereason the samba servers like static better. also
in coupleing the static IP address I also listed each machine in the
HOSTS file on the samba server. I also made a cron daily entry to
restart smb every morning at about 6:45, right before anyone shows up in
the morning. well everyone can now log in excpet for two machines. mine
and one other guy. everyione else, being 5 other machines, log in
flawlessly. I just don't get it. again we are running a mixed network,
novell, nt and linux. all clients are running win98...thanks for any

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