Visible but not accessible

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Thu Feb 8 02:32:14 GMT 2001


Thanks for you help but...

...tried logging into NT using the same user id & password as the one in
Samba but the error still occur.  Similar problem too with Win98 machines. 

It's driving me NUT!!!


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Are you logging into Windows NT with the same username as you are using 
with Samba?

There appears to be a bug in WinNT which will ignore the username you type 
in to connect to your Samba share IF it differs from the username with 
which you logged into Windows.  Note that this is for any SMB share (Samba 
or NT).  The problem appears to be fixed in Win2000 and does not occur in 
all installations of WinNT, so I don't know exactly where or how the bug 


At 05:52 PM 2/7/01 +0800, you wrote:
>Hi All,
>I've managed to configure my Samba server in such a way that it is visible
>from Microsoft Windows Network but keep getting this invalid
>username/password error message when I try to map it.
>Both Samba and NT Server are not in the same domain.
>Can anybody help?!!

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