UNIX to NT connect

Lund, Duane dlund at state.mt.us
Wed Feb 7 16:06:38 GMT 2001

I apologize for not including some pertainent information yesterday . We
have 3 Sun sparc 20s and 3 Sun Ultra 1s all running Solaris 7 (5.7)
Generic_106541-04. I have Solaris 8 on the shelf, but with no real UNIX sys
admin I have been content with what we have figured out until now. Anyway if
someone knows a SAMBA way or other inexpensive means of allowing my UNIX
boxes to use NT disk shares on a Microsoft NT peer network I 'd appreciate

thanks again,

Duane F. Lund      GIS Programmer/Analyst
dlund at state.mt.us        406-444-5371
NRIS Montana State Library, Helena MT

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