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Hello Vinoth,
There is no need to configure/compile/install Samba on an HP-UX 11.0 system;
HP provides this software free on the application CDs.  You can install
using swinstall; look for the software named
B8725AA or B8726AA  "CIFS/9000 Server..."  (Samba)
(this I believe is on cd #3 of the apps cd package)
You can also install another free software package named
B8723AA or B8724AA  "CIFS/9000 Client..."
(this is on cd #1 of the apps cd set) 
which will give you similar functionality as smbmount/smbunmount does for
Linux, ie, allow you to mount NT and win9x shares as 'filesystems' onto your
HP-UX system.

For the latest versions of these products you can download from the web;
our current version is based on 2.0.6 Samba, but we are expecting to release
on the web our next version within 2 weeks, which will be based on 2.0.7
Samba.  The url is:
For CIFS/9000 Server (Samba):

For CIFS/9000 Client (smbmount/smbumount functionality):

These pages will also give you online access to other product info on these
products as well as access to the manual set for them.

Hope this helps,

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Dear all,

I'm getting below error while installion.

checking configure summary
WARNING: No automated network interface determination
ERROR: no seteuid method available
configure: error: summary failure. Aborting config

Im running it on HP-UX 11.00. only one machine blow out this error mesg all
other 5 servers(same confg) gone through well. pl. provide some sollution.

thanx in advance

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