Smbpasswd and Mixed-case passwords

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Wed Feb 7 14:35:20 GMT 2001

werner maes wrote:
> Hello,
> Apparently the smbpasswd file doesn't care about 
> mixed-case passwords. I've entered smbpasswd and 
> changed my password to: MaEs. Then I did: 
> smbclient //server/share -U werner and provided the wright
> password: MaEs. I managed to get access.
> BUT when I entered "maes" as password, it also 
> worked. Same story with MAEs.

You will see this message in your smbd logs.

   NT Password did not match for user <username>' ! 
	Defaulting to Lanman

The reason your login succeeds is that smbclient sends 
both the LanMan and NT hash in the SMBsessetup request
when the protocol negotiated is NT LANMAN 1.0.  The LanMan
hash is case insensitive due to the hashing algorithm
so when the NT hash fails, Samba drops back to 
checking the LanMan hash.

Cheers, jerry
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