Smbpasswd and Mixed-case passwords

Peter Michael Düppenbecker peter at
Thu Feb 1 07:38:06 GMT 2001

Hi Werner,

    this behaviour is normal because the smbpasswd file contains passwords
that are encrypted in the Windows style. And Windows doesn't differ between
upper and lower case (passwords and usernames).


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> Hello,
> Apparently the smbpasswd file doesn't care about mixed-case passwords.
> I've entered smbpasswd and changed my password to: MaEs.
> Then I did: smbclient //server/share -U werner and provided the wright
> password: MaEs. I managed to get access.
> BUT when I entered "maes" as password, it also worked. Same story with
> MAEs.
> Same story in Windows.
> Can anyone confirm this issue?
> Thanks alot,
> Werner Maes
> LUDIT-KULeuven

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