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Sat Sep 30 05:39:01 GMT 2000

    I have a question about samba.
I have a SUN workstation and several PCs in our lab .
One of my PCs have a printer (style:epson            
stylus color 300)       
I want to share the print with my SUN,so I install the
samba2.0.7(binary).It run very well.
   I find the samba2.0.7  has no  smbprint.sysv ,so 
I copy it from samba1.9(maybe),and move it to the
path: /opt/samba
   # ls /opt/samba
 bin/ man/ lib/ swat/ doc/ license/ smbprint.sysv
  and I modify the smbprint.sysv
   # vi /opt/samba/smbprint.sysv
 set :
      server = lxf (lxf is the netbios name of the 
                      PC which has the printer)
      service = EPSON (its shared printer name)
      passwd = "" (no passwd)
 and I modify the script
  add "bin":
    echo translate
    echo "print -"
    cat $"
) | /opt/samba/bin/smbclient "\\\\$server\\%service"

              .... here I add bin

$passwd -N -P > /dev/null 
exit $?
 then :
    # lpadmin -p epson_printer -v /dev/null -i  
    # enable  epson_printer
    # accept  epson_printer
 it runs well.
 I use admintool to set the epson_printer default
    # admintool
  then I restart the Samba daemons 
when I usr 
     # lp text <filename>
it show :
    request id is epson_printer-1(1 file(s))
    It looks like right
 but the printer has no reaction!!!!!!!!!!
   (The printer is no wrong,I use very well)
    and when I input:
    # lpstat -p -l
 it shows:
 printer epson_printer is idle enable since Thursday
September 28 16:15:29 CST 2000 available
 Form mounted:
 Contant types: simple
 Printer types: unknown
 on fault:write to root once
 After fault:continue
 Users allowed:
 Forms allowed:
 Banner required
 Character sets:
 Default pitch
 Default page size
 Default port settings:

the up is all.

 I have no printer with SUN ,so my smb.conf didn't
include [printers] this part,and I have set no items
correlative to printer (such as load printers = yes)
 Could you give me a hand?
 Thank you very much!

  SUN: ultra10

email:AsiaSwallow at

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