Samba and default router

Loic Mahe' mahe at
Fri Sep 29 14:23:21 GMT 2000


Thanks for your answer.

> It may help, but you don't need to: Just edit C:\WIN95\HOSTS on
> machineA and add a line like
> machineB
> with being the IP address of machineB
> If this is not sufficient, also edit C:\WIN95\LMHOSTS and add a line
> machineB #PRE

That's a solution, but I have ~15 clients machines and I want to
avoid this.
BTW, my original message stated something slightly wrong ; I said :
> If machine A starts while machine B is not alive, machine A
> makes a DNS lookup to find machine B. I watched this with
> tcpdump :
> 13:18:50.402972 machineA.netbios-ns ISPprimaryDNS.domain : 48+ A? machineB (34)

The lookup is not DNS ("domain") but netbios-ns. I don't know what the resolve
order is for netbios-ns.

I want really to use Samba to solve the problem ...


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