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On Mon, 25 Sep 2000 14:28:10 +0200, Loic Mahe' wrote:

>I have a local network connected to the ISP through
>a Nexland Internet Sharing Box. On each machine, I have
>to set the default route (=> IP adress of the sharing box) and
>also provide the DNS adresses.
>Next, consider a Win95 (machine A) having a permanent
>connection to a printer located on another Win95 (machine B).
>If machine A starts while machine B is not alive, machine A
>makes a DNS lookup to find machine B. I watched this with
>tcpdump :
>13:18:50.402972 machineA.netbios-ns > ISPprimaryDNS.domain : 48+ A? 
>machineB (34)
>This triggers the modem located on the sharing box. Bad thing ! :-(
>My question is : can a Samba server help avoiding this problem
>(wins server, /etc/hosts including machine A and machine B, ...) ?

It may help, but you don't need to: Just edit C:\WIN95\HOSTS on 
machineA and add a line like machineB

with being the IP address of machineB

If this is not sufficient, also edit C:\WIN95\LMHOSTS and add a line machineB #PRE

Look at HOSTS.SAM / LMHOSTS.SAM in the same directory for further 

You may have to reboot to get it working ...


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