win98 connection Problems

Jeff McKeon jsm at
Thu Sep 28 11:53:09 GMT 2000

I've got an NT domain with a RH 6.1/Samba 2.0.5a fileserver.  It all works
fine except for one thing.

When the win98 clients logon, they hit a logon script from the NT PDC that
issues "Net Use" commands to connect the win98 machines to one share on the
NT box and two shares on the RH/Samba box.  About 60% of the time the two
RH/Samba shares do not map citing a "network is busy" error.  All NT clients
have no problem.  If the user logs out and then logs on again the drives
usually connect fine.  I have narrowed this down to a problem with "File and
Print Sharing."

When "File and Print sharing" is turned on on the Win98 clients, they have
this problem.  If I remove file and print sharing, and reboot twice, the
problem only seems to occur about 10% of the time.

Does anyone know what the deal is with this and if there is a fix?


Jeff McKeon
Email: jsm at

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