Samba 2.0.8

Gerald Carter gcarter at
Thu Sep 28 15:43:46 GMT 2000

Arto Laitinen wrote:
> Hi,
> I've decided to make my linux-box Caldera OpenDesktop 
> 2.4 to use NTFS (NT4sp6) formatted disk, already 
> loaded with 20 Gigabytes of critical data.
> Are there any aspects I should consider before 
> mounting it.

Back it up first :-)

No idea about the NTFS support.

> And secondly, are there any plans to release 2.08 
> verision of Samba, when and from where could it 
> be obtained?! I've heard some performance
> improvements in it, anything important to wait it...?

2.0.8 has been replaced with 2.2.0.  Expect to see beta 
releases within a week.

Cheers, jerry
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