smbfs entry in fstab for users...

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Thu Sep 28 01:13:36 GMT 2000

>//NTServer/NTShare   /local/image      smbfs   username=user/workgroup%passwd,fmask=666,dmask=777,noauto,users       0       0

As I recall, I had to add an entry in FSTAB for each user with their uid and
gid when I wanted to have the shares mounted during boot (with mount -a). Not
very elegant, I realize, but it worked. 

Perhaps if you put the individual's uid= and gid= on the individual mount
commands? I believe the owner and group of /local/image/* would then be uid and
gid respectively.

There isn't a problem with /local/image ownership is there? I had root create
the /mnt/landrive directory, and any user can mount and access a landrive there.

Forgive me if I'm stating the obvious. Linux is still very new to me.


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