W2K and samba 2.07 problems

Norman yourdog at hypermall.net
Thu Sep 28 05:38:57 GMT 2000

I've seen reports similar to this for the past few months, but no solution
that fixes my instance of this problem.  But maybe what I've found can help
some folks.

The problem: some on my W2K installs can't access shares, with the infamous
"The account is not authorized to log in from this workstation" error.
This does not happen with all of my samba servers, though all have the same
smb.conf, with the only difference being the "netbios name" field.  This error
only comes up when I try to connect to the machine using the netbios name.
I have no problem when I connect to the IP address directly.

I can change the OS (even to a different W2K install on the same client),
which allows the client to connect.  Encryption is turned on, smbpasswd is
same on all servers.  Guest account is turned on, WINS is turned off (this is
a home network on a single subnet).

Attempts from client made are as follows:
	net use \\lucky\mp3	(fails)
	net view \\lucky	(fails)
	net use \\lucky.localdomain.org\mp3	(fails)
	net view \\lucky.localdomain.org	(fails)
	net use * \\\mp3	(works)
	net view \\	(works)

Client can resolve the hostname and FQDN without any problems.  nbtstat -c
shows host correctly mapped to the hostname.

I do not see any messages in any of my log files on the samba server for the
failures, but I get notification when the connections work.

Would anyone have any ideas with this info, or like me to grab any other info
from my systems?


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