CRLF / LF Conversion

Peter Samuelson peter at
Tue Sep 26 11:21:25 GMT 2000

[cybrgeek at <cybrgeek at>]
> > It is my understanding that Samba cannot do CRLF / LF Conversion
> > when needed (from CRLF-LF-Conversions.txt).

Correct, and for very good reasons.

> > I am currently sharing my html directory which had be edited via
> > pico.  Assuming that all my html files are either .html or .htm,
> > what would be the best way to convert them to the windows end
> > lines?

> Look into the dos2unix and unix2dos programs. They do the CR/LF<->NL
> translations very well.

Note also that if you don't have the utilities handy, use

  unix2dos-in-place == perl -pi -e 's/$/\015/' filename(s)
  dos2unix-in-place == perl -pi -e 's/\015$//' filename(s)

or similar with tr, sed, mv, rm and redirecting.


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