smbfs does not report all files

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Mon Sep 25 02:48:35 GMT 2000

** Reply to message from Urban Widmark <urban at> on Sun, 24 Sep
2000 20:45:17 +0200 (MET DST)

>Do you get any other smb_ messages? You should get something from the
>directory parsing code.

No, nothing that looks like directory parsing errors. All the directories on
the OS/2 SMB server are found, it's just some files (the latest ones?) in
directories with lots of files that are not reported. 

Here's somehing else I tried using kernel 2.2.18.pre9:

Neither smbfs and smbclient (don't know the version, whatever comes with
Mandrake 7.1) report all the files in a large directory on the server. Most
files are *.pop, however there is also an index file (PopFiles.Inx) which is
not reported by "ls *.*" (a bunch of *.pop files are, but not all). 

In smbclient, however, "ls *.Inx" will report PopFile.Inx. But in smbfs "ls
*.Inx" generates an "Input/Output Error" which appears in messages as an
"smb_lookup: find out/*.Inx failed, error=-5"

Not sure if that's any help.


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