smbfs does not report all files

Urban Widmark urban at
Sun Sep 24 19:00:14 GMT 2000

On Fri, 22 Sep 2000 mail at wrote:

> So what about this: I get a copy of the latest src/fs/smbfs/* source code and
> just parachute it into the existing Mandrake (2.2.15-4mdk) code base and
> recompile?  Might work? Is the 2.2.18-pre8 source code available somewhere?
> (not the patch)... 

No, just the patch. But nothing is forcing you to put the kernel source in
/usr/src/linux (in fact you shouldn't put it there) and you can build a
2.2.18-pre8 source tree yourself, starting from a 2.2.17 tree.

AFAIK, copying the source should work just fine for smbfs between 2.2.15
and 2.2.18, but that will not always be true.

> Finally, why isn't more of this stuff done with pre-compiled modules? That sure
> would be easier...

Easier on the tester, harder on the patch maker. Someone would have to
make that module. I don't use Mandrake/RedHat/whatever src.rpm to build my
kernels and my modules would not work automatically in such a kernel

You need to get SMP/no-SMP, memory size, and such right. So basically you
have to first fix the src.rpm, build the whole kernel (all versions of
it) and then extract the module from that.


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