smbfs does not report all files

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Fri Sep 22 19:13:29 GMT 2000

** Reply to message from Urban Widmark <urban at> on Tue, 19 Sep
2000 19:05:54 +0200 (CEST)

>If so, you need 2.2.18pre8 or later for smbfs to
>even talk to your OS/2 server.


I've looked into this and have been told that the current version of Linux
Mandrake (V7.1) includes the standard kernel (2.2.15) plus upwards of 170
patches (?) to make it Mandrake's own 2.2.15-4mdk. Such things as udma66
support, supermount, etc. are included and I use them.

And naturally when you apply a standard patch to this non-standard kernel
source, there are a bazillion errors.

Also if I install the vanilla (2.2.15 or say 2.2.17) kernel source instead and
patch that up to 2.2.18-pre8, I'll lose many of the Mandrake "supplements" and
... perhaps ... torpedo the whole installation.


So what about this: I get a copy of the latest src/fs/smbfs/* source code and
just parachute it into the existing Mandrake (2.2.15-4mdk) code base and
recompile?  Might work? Is the 2.2.18-pre8 source code available somewhere?
(not the patch)... 

Finally, why isn't more of this stuff done with pre-compiled modules? That sure
would be easier...

Thanks again for your trouble,


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