cross-subnet browsing

Julian Richardson JRichardson at
Thu Sep 21 09:07:42 GMT 2000


I'm trying to get cross-subnet browsing to work and am getting
hopelessly confused at the moment!

We have the following (simplified) network configuration:

  Serveral NT4 & Win95 machines on a token ring network. This includes a
PDC, BDC, WINS server and DNS server (MS-DNS).

  Ethernet segment with a few Linux boxes on it; I'm trying to set up
Samba on one of these (Redhat 5.2, Samba 2.0.7)

  NT4 machine doing the routing between the two networks.

I've created a server account for the Linux machine on our PDC. 

Now, if I configure Samba on the Linux box with user level security I
can access shares on it, but I can't see the server in the network
neighbourhood on one of the windows machines on the token ring network.
I can get to it using 'net view' from a DOS shell however, or via 'find
computer' in explorer. 

I've added the IP of our token-ring-based WINS server into the Samba
configuration on the Linux system, then I turned DOMAIN-level security
on - I still don't see the server in network neighbourhood though, and
using net view gives me an "unknown username or bad password" error.
(behaviour with Samba 2.0.3 was similar but with slightly different
error messages)

Any ideas? I've only configured this via SWAT so far - are there things
I need to add to the smb.conf file which SWAT doesn't configure in this
case? Do I need to set up a WINS server or something on the ethernet (I
hope not, I don't think our sysadmin guys would be too happy with that)?

please email any ideas...



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