smbfs does not report all files

Bruce LaZerte mail at
Wed Sep 20 04:08:13 GMT 2000

** Reply to message from Urban Widmark <urban at> on Wed, 20 Sep
2000 00:11:49 +0200 (CEST)

>Does smbclient have the same problem on these directories? 


>But do try 2.2.18pre8 (it's really some earlier pre version that has the
>change). only has patch 16 and 17 (am at 15 now). Will 17 do? If not, can
you tell me where to find 18pre8?

>Do you get any messages in your syslog files?

Not that I can tell...

>And let me know if upgrading fixes something.

Will do.

And many thanks for your help with this.


Bruce LaZerte 
Grandview Lake in Muskoka
Ontario, Canada  				

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