smbfs does not report all files

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Tue Sep 19 19:52:10 GMT 2000

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2000 19:05:54 +0200 (CEST)

>> Linux Mandrake 7.1, kernel 2.2.15-4mdk, smbmount 2.0.6
>> Some larger directories exported by LanServer are missing the more recently
>> written files when mounted in Linux. Win98 and OS/2 PC's can see them all. 
>recently written or recently created?

Neither. They were writen and created some time ago by another PC, before
Linux+smbfs was installed on the PC with the problem.

>If created; were they created from a different machine?

>That is fixed in 2.2.17 by always refreshing on a new dir access. Is a
>LanServer an OS/2 thingy? 


>If so, you need 2.2.18pre8 or later for smbfs to
>even talk to your OS/2 server.
>If this happens only sometimes (depending on the directoey) and for files
>that are only modified and not newly created, you may have found a
>different bug.

No. It's very consistent. Same directories, same files.

I believe the recent Linux Mandrake beta3 update uses the newer kernals,
perhaps more recent than the 2.2.18pre8 you mentioned. I'll look there first.

Many thanks for the quick reply.


Bruce LaZerte 
Grandview Lake in Muskoka
Ontario, Canada  				

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