smbfs does not report all files

Urban Widmark urban at
Tue Sep 19 17:05:54 GMT 2000

On Tue, 19 Sep 2000 mail at wrote:

> Linux Mandrake 7.1, kernel 2.2.15-4mdk, smbmount 2.0.6
> Some larger directories exported by LanServer are missing the more recently
> written files when mounted in Linux. Win98 and OS/2 PC's can see them all. 

recently written or recently created?

If created; were they created from a different machine?

If yes on both questions the reason for your problem is probably that the
modification time of directories are not updated when a file is added
(silly assumptions) and that makes smbfs believe that the cached
direntries it has are still current.

That is fixed in 2.2.17 by always refreshing on a new dir access. Is a
LanServer an OS/2 thingy? If so, you need 2.2.18pre8 or later for smbfs to
even talk to your OS/2 server.

If this happens only sometimes (depending on the directoey) and for files
that are only modified and not newly created, you may have found a
different bug.


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