unable to mount PATHWOKS

lai cl_lai at kimo.com.tw
Fri Sep 15 04:03:43 GMT 2000

Hi all,
we have a DEC machine shares its files with win95/NT/2000. i can browse the server from my win2000 as usual, if it is not comment as "PATHWORKS for DEC ..." i will think it is a NT machine. i connect it as a network disk. i can change directory, read file, everything is ok.
but i got problem to mount the DEC server on my linux box.
my environment is as follows:
slackware 7.0 
kernel :2.2.17  
smbmount: 2.0.5a
after i exec smbmount, i got error messages like:
smbmount: ioctl failed, res=-1
colud not umount /mnt: Device or resource busy
smbmount: exit
in /var/log/messages there are error logs as 
kernel: smbfs: protocols older than NT1 are not supported
kernel: smb_delete_inode: could not close inode 2
any ideas?
thanks for read this.
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