best authentication method?

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Tue Sep 12 13:48:46 GMT 2000

Charles Lewis wrote:
[...]						 we are trying to
| figure out what the best way to do authentication. Currently we 
| have the AIX doing successfully doing secure authentication 
| (using pam) since that is where all staff members have an 
| accounts. However, we are having trouble doing domain logins 
| on our Win2K machines.

	As long as you have a firewall between you and
	people snooping for passwords, you have one of 
	the best possible cases, and can get to single-signon
	by playing with the password update facility...

	However, win2k **knows** that you want to do
	things the NT way, and is going to do its best
	to make Unix servers obsolete (;-))

	I normally recommend avoiding the NT version
	of domains, and use a normal DNS domain and a
	Unix authentication server.  This will be seen
	as a workgroup in Windows parlance, but an NT
	domain is nothing but a workgroup and an NT
	authentication server... only the buzzwords
	have changed (;-))

	If you then need to authenticate users again,
	such as for a screensaver or a restricted-usage program,
	you can use normal unix library calls, which will 
	eventually make their way down to pam...

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