Browsing over a switched network

Gerry Maddock gerrym at
Tue Sep 12 14:29:07 GMT 2000

    My Samba server was originally used for file and print sharing, and
now I have it set up as a Wins Server and my PDC. The server is located
here at our main branch (FL), and I am now able to view all of our
branches (CA, TX, WA, NY, UK) except our Holland branch. I set up their
Winblows machines the same as all of our other branches, but still they
are the only branch I cannot see! I am able to ping them by name, and
they are not in my hosts file, so I know Wins is working. Could the
problem be the language there Windows is running on (Not English)? I
know its not a distance problem, b/c I am able to see our England (UK)

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