NT4 profiles

Ken Teh teh at maria.phy.anl.gov
Fri Sep 8 16:49:20 GMT 2000

I have 2 related questions about NT profiles support in Samba.  I'm running
2.0.7.  And I'm using samba as a PDC to a VMware NT machine that has been
configured in host-only networking which means the virtual NT machine is not
bridged to the physical network but only to a virtual 192.168.x.x network on
my Linux machine.

First question, I haven't got roaming profiles to work as I expected.  I'm
an NT novice so I'm no doubt missing something obvious.  I had expected that
when a new user logs into the NT machine, his profile is created on the
profile share, but it's not.  It gets created locally within the NT machine.

There seems to be 2 differing views on how the profile share is supposed to
be set up.  In 'Using Samba', the share has to be 0/0 writable, so that it
can be uploaded from the NT machine.  In the DOMAIN.txt doc, the logon path
is specified as \\samba-server\%L\profile, suggesting that the profile
folder is in the user's home directory.  Says nothing about a profile share.

The resolution of the above has important implications for how I wish to set
up the VMware NT machine and the samba server.  I'd like to deploy VMware NT
machines to my users' Linux boxes.  The Linux boxes are NFS/NIS clustered.
It would be nice if a user can log onto any Linux machine, fire up the
VMware NT machine and get the same profile.  Thus, the latter setup, logon
path = \\samba-server\%L\profile would be preferable.  The former, a 0/0
writable share won't fly since my NFS mounts quashes root.  netlogon is not
a problem since it's read-only.

I guess the question is:  Do roaming profiles work?  How does one actually
set one up?  Does it require a 0/0 writeable profile share?  Can anyone
suggest how I might accomplish what I wish to achieve or is this basically
impossible at this point?


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