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Herb Lewis herb at
Fri Sep 8 14:12:45 GMT 2000

Johnny Wilfild wrote:
> Ok i try to speak my problem. For the file smbmnt i ask you because i' ve
> read in documentation of samba (section manpages) about that file and i' ve
> think the he miss in my version, so now that you have teach me what work
> smbfs i' ve understand. My problem is that i want mount any shared source of
> nt but i don' t know how make this. For example with smbclient i see what an
> workstation can share me, but i want mount this source. I hope that i was
> explicit.
> In other all case i tnx for help me, and if you can help me another time.
> bye boy and have good time, ciaps

Try a program called sharity.

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