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>On Thu, 7 Sep 2000, Johnny Wilfild wrote:
> > I' ve a mini-problem with my samba.
> > I' ve Solaris 5.7 and samba 2.0.7 but in my /usr/local/samba/bin there 
> > many file without smbmnt or smbmount (i don't know the exactly name). 
> > appears run normally my server sun is in Domain and for what I want, 
> > run properly. The once file that miss is smbmnt if you could send me I 
> > most please you.
> > Ah smbmnt you can send me in source code and binary compiled too ?!?!?
>There is no smbmnt or smbmount for Solaris or anything else that is not
>linux. These tools are only useful for smbfs and smbfs is, at least
>currently, linux only.
>What makes you think you need them? If you ask this list about what your
>real problem is maybe someone will have a solution.

Ok i try to speak my problem. For the file smbmnt i ask you because i' ve 
read in documentation of samba (section manpages) about that file and i' ve 
think the he miss in my version, so now that you have teach me what work 
smbfs i' ve understand. My problem is that i want mount any shared source of 
nt but i don' t know how make this. For example with smbclient i see what an 
workstation can share me, but i want mount this source. I hope that i was 
In other all case i tnx for help me, and if you can help me another time.
bye boy and have good time, ciaps

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