smbmount on NT4 shares disconnecting randomly

Matt Doyle matt_the_bishop at
Fri Sep 8 11:35:58 GMT 2000

Apologies if this issue has been thrashed out already, but I'm having 
problems with using smbmount on samba 2.0.6 on Red Hat Linux 6.2 with the 
shares being dropped randomly.  This can happen minutes or many hours after 
the share is mounted.

I've heard of this problem before and the usual solution offered is to 
remount the shares.  However, when I try to smbmount the share it says it is 
already mounted, and when I try an smbumount I get an input/output error and 
can't umount it.  The only solution is to reboot the Linux box (logging out 
doesn't help).

To mount the shares, I'm using .bash_profile entries as follows:

/usr/bin/smbmount //NTSERVER/sharename /home/matt/sharename -o 

This is so that each user gets their own mounts when they log in.  I've also 
tried it with fstab with the same disconnection problem, but switched to 
.bash_profile so that remounts don't require a reboot (in theory, at 

I had a look at the release notes for 2.0.7 and it didn't mention any fixes 
for this problem, so I've stuck with 2.0.6 for now.

Does anyone know how to stop the disconnections from occurring?  If not, any 
suggestions on how I can remount the shares without rebooting?


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