smbmount on NT4 shares disconnecting randomly

Keith G. Murphy keithmur at
Fri Sep 8 15:14:36 GMT 2000

Matt Doyle wrote:
> Apologies if this issue has been thrashed out already, but I'm having
> problems with using smbmount on samba 2.0.6 on Red Hat Linux 6.2 with the
> shares being dropped randomly.  This can happen minutes or many hours after
> the share is mounted.
> I've heard of this problem before and the usual solution offered is to
> remount the shares.  However, when I try to smbmount the share it says it is
> already mounted, and when I try an smbumount I get an input/output error and
> can't umount it.  The only solution is to reboot the Linux box (logging out
> doesn't help).
Matt, I have similar problems with shares mounted on a Win95 box.

When you do smbmount, then umount, are you *sure* it didn't actually
work?  What I've seen is that one or both give you the error, but
actually succeed in unmounting the disk.

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