Cannot copy files from Samba 2.0.6 to NT 4.0 (SP6)

David Collier-Brown David.Collier-Brown at
Wed Sep 6 12:00:33 GMT 2000

Rich Parker wrote:
| Would you care to elaborate on item 4 (late model 3Com) from your
| below? 

	Sure: we saw this a lot this year, and several victims
	had 3com ethernet cards talking to 10/100 hubs of
	various brands.  In some cases, the auto-recognize
	code on the ethernet card or the hub misconfigured
	the card (or port) to a different speed, or to full-duplex
	where the hub only supported half-duplex.

	A "duplicity" error shows up as near-constant collissions,
	a speed mismatch shows up as eitehr no connection or a very 
	slow connection in one direction.

	This is a common problem when the vendor changes the chipset,
	as their old drivers get rewritten in a panic (;-))

	If you have different hubs and cards available, you
	can find out which combination is doubtfull by looking at
	which client is failing: put 
		debug timestamp = yes
		debug pid = yes
	in your smb.conf and use smbstatus to save which 
	clients connect to which pid. When one fails, look
	up the pid in the saved smbstatus output.


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