samba-ldap support

paco cornejo impaco at
Wed Sep 6 10:34:59 GMT 2000

Hi!, im trying to do a NtLogin into a Solaris7 server 
using samba 2.1 pre-alpha and Openldap 1.2.9. 
I want store the Samba User's logins and passwords 
into OpenLdap´s database. 

I heard that Samba has not Ldap support yet but id 
like to know i is posible to do this which any version 
of samba, please, do you know if this is possible? 

Im following the samba-ldap-HowTo of Iganacio Coupeau 
from de University of Navarra in Spain, but it doesnt 
work in my system... 

Do you know if anyone else has done it? 


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