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I did a google ( search for btrieve and samba and
came across an post by someone who had solved his btrieve
problems with Peachtree Accounting.  I hope it helps.

At 04:53 PM 9/4/00 +0200, you wrote:
>Hello fellow admins,
>one last desperate report from my btrieve efforts:
>Obviously, when you access a btrieve *.DAT file, the equivalent
>locks are recorded in a equally named *.LCK file.
>Unfortunately, I have failed to find any samba parameters which
>have enabled files stored on samba shared to be handled this way.
>In detail setting strict locking = yes didn't solve the cause.
>I talked to the developers and  they simply say they don't
>recommend using Unix as a backend. Great. Very helpful.
>But as I see it, at the moment it's impossible to combine a
>btrieve-workstation-based application with Samba. Since these
>applications are (unfortunately) quite common, I would really
>like to see the FAQ entry I have been looking for.
>If anybody had a working solution, I'd be sincerely surprised.
>I'd surely love to hear it, but at the moment I simply have to
>resign and migrate to Netware with these customers, which really
>frustrates me. I'd say, least we could do is warn others so they
>don't get confronted with inconsistent databases, too.
>Cheers, Jan
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