Jan Muenther jan at
Mon Sep 4 14:53:41 GMT 2000

Hello fellow admins,
one last desperate report from my btrieve efforts:

Obviously, when you access a btrieve *.DAT file, the equivalent
locks are recorded in a equally named *.LCK file. 

Unfortunately, I have failed to find any samba parameters which
have enabled files stored on samba shared to be handled this way.
In detail setting strict locking = yes didn't solve the cause.

I talked to the developers and  they simply say they don't
recommend using Unix as a backend. Great. Very helpful.

But as I see it, at the moment it's impossible to combine a
btrieve-workstation-based application with Samba. Since these
applications are (unfortunately) quite common, I would really
like to see the FAQ entry I have been looking for. 

If anybody had a working solution, I'd be sincerely surprised.
I'd surely love to hear it, but at the moment I simply have to
resign and migrate to Netware with these customers, which really
frustrates me. I'd say, least we could do is warn others so they
don't get confronted with inconsistent databases, too.

Cheers, Jan
Radio HUNDERT,6 Medien GmbH Berlin
- EDV -
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