character handling problem

Peter Samuelson peter at
Sat Sep 2 21:23:42 GMT 2000

[Pavel Simek <simek at>]
> I am successfully running samba 2.0.7 on SUN Enterprise SERVER
> 250. We are using CATIA and there is one special character in catia
> model filenames.  The character is ? (this is plus over minus as one
> character, 0177 in windows environment).

OK, first question: why do you need CATIA models in Windows?  Version 4
only runs on Unix and mainframes.  If you are using Version 5, you
can't open files with the ± character anyway (this character actually
represents a space; most likely this dates from OSes that can't put
spaces in names).  Note that CATIA also converts the / character to
something else since those are illegal in Unix.

There is an option I ran across some time ago ...

searching ...
searching ...
searching ...

Ah.  There it is.  Read the file

  {catia dir}/cfg/dec/catia/ADMENV.dcls

It has various options for filename formats.  In particular, you might
have some luck with one or more of the following:


Note that you should *not* change these in ADMENV.dcls but rather add
these lines to your USRENV.dcls or (preferably) a site-wide .dcls file.
Ask your CATIA administrator for details.


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