browsing shares/printing from NT doesnt work

Markus Hoenicka Markus.Hoenicka at
Fri Sep 1 15:50:33 GMT 2000


I use Samba 2.07 as shipped with Debian 2.2. I have two computers
connected in a network, a WinNT 4 SP3 box and the Debian box. With my
previous setup (Debian 2.1, Samba 1.9?) it was a snap to share the
home directories and the printer on the Debian box. After upgrading,
things changed a bit:

- I can still connect from my NT account to my home dir on the Debian
  box with the same account name (this is good!). It asks for a
  password, and then I can access my files.

- I cannot browse the shares on the Debian box as I used to. I have
  all settings like browseable=yes and public=yes and guest ok=yes and
  the like, but this doesn't help. I have to provide a password, then
  I can browse the shared directories and printers.

- I cannot browse the printers on the Debian box. If I try to add a
  new printer to the NT box, I see the Debian box in the network
  list. It shows a "+" indicating it has a printer to share, but when
  I try to expand the list, nothing happens. As it does not even ask
  for a password, there is no way to connect to the printer. Again, I
  have everything like browseable=yes and public=yes and guest ok=yes
  in the common printer section and in the specific printer section.

- I cannot print to the Debian box as I used to. I still have the same
  printer name and configuration on the Debian box, but when I open
  the still existing printer on NT, I get an "access denied" message.

I've seen quite some similar posts in the archives, but without
answers. Could someone please shed light on this?

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