Newbie Access Question

Anthony Abby anthony at
Tue Oct 31 22:53:14 GMT 2000

I'm pretty new to Linux but I get by.  I installed Samba-2.0.7 today and
have had moderate success in getting it running like I'd like it.  Currently
I have a HOME share, which is the home directory for the authenticated
individual.  I'm using the default user level security.  I also create a
separate 'share' share which everyone has access to.
I'm having a problem getting the home share to work properly.  Every time I
try to access my home share on the Linux box I get the following error:

\\machinename\homedirname is not accessible
The network name can not be found

Any idea what I should check to make this work?  I'm attempting to access my
Samba share on a Red hat 7 machine from a NT4 workstation with sp6a

Also, if I may ask for help in another area.  If I am logged onto my NT
workstation but would like to access an alternate account on my Linux box,
how would one go about that, in that NT automatically attempts to
authenticate using the same username and password I'm logged in with on NT?

Thanks for any help.

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